I am an interaction designer, but simply an artist at heart. If it requires design, I usually like to get involved. But in a market so hard to capitalize in generally a design service  A person needs to find what they are good at and focus on it. When I was ten, I got into website design. Later on, moved into interaction design and also fell in love with it. I have been jumping between the two for some time now, but ultimately choose to market my website design skills. During that journey things like marketing, (cough) blogging, creative writing, art, all where things that I loved to do, just not as good at them. Blogging probably worse then others.

Why call my Design company R2DS? My name is Ryan Roberts and I am starting a Design Studio. If you can’t put that together your self, that would be Ryan Roberts Design Studio. The 2 simply implying there are 2 R’s in the abbreviation. I have had a web design firm before this, but that went terribly wrong. I focused to much in designing business cards, by portfolio, learning the software, then getting clients. I may have succeeded in making a good portfolio and really knowing the software at the time, but no clients, you have no business. This is a upstart design studio, so it makes harder to show what I can do.

My current website is in the making, so this blog will have to act like my site until then. Here is where I am purely self promoting my services. If you are looking for web design or even an interaction designer, contact cryarkteam@gmail.com (currently as we speak changing it to my business email) with your interest please.


Please comment and follow, I know I am asking a lot from you. 


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