Sketch Shortcuts

As the world gets more impatient and the average attention span gets to 5 seconds, you know the speed of getting a task done is very important. Could this be why Adobe is creating simpler versions of their software? Animate to Flash, Muse to Dreamweaver, I cannot be certain.

Sketch 2 Icon

What I will cover

  • Good shortcuts to remember
  • How to create new shortcuts
  • Utilizing Actions for iPad to improve workflow


Sketch 2 shortcuts

“R” Simply gives to the rectangle tool

“T” But what else, the text tool

“⌘+2” Zoom into the selected object

“⇧+R” Will give you quick access to the guides

“⌥+⇧” Then click minimize

“^+C” Shows color picker

Holding ⌥ and dragging an object will duplicate the object.

Holding ⌘ while moving an object will temporarily disable the guide so the object is basically free.

Select object and hold ⌥ then hover over the inclosing object to find the object’s measurements.

If you’re not sure what all of these symbols mean see Dan Rodney’s Keyboard Shortcuts.

Pressing option (⌥) when hovering over top menu lists will give different options, who would’ve guessed that option key does such.

Create shortcuts for Sketch

System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts (if you’re not already there) > Application Shortcuts > plus icon

You will need to type the exact name of the menu item or it will not work.

Actions for iPad


There is not really any need to tell you how it works since it is very straightforward, but my point is to show the possibilities of powerful combinations of creating shortcuts and having an app that does that with one button. After I created the “Rounds to Nearest Pixel Edge”, I created a shortcut in Actions called “Refine Tool” so now I can make Pixel Perfection with just a button.


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